Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lets Play Catch Up Shall We?

my oh my, has it been a while since I have written in here.... Poor baby has been neglected for almost more than half a year now. Whooo... let's catch on up and get on track. [Im going to try to be better at this.]
As for the past while that I haven't written on here, a lot has happened in my life. Starting back at the beginning of this year, January 2012. Since the first of this year, all of my friends have been quickly trickling off onto their missions. This is quite a bitter sweet feeling I tell you what. As Ive come to realize as this year has gone on though, having their example and their love from afar, has been one of life's greatest blessings at this age. My life has done a 180 degree turn because of these guys, because I am inspired and encouraged to be the best me I can be! As for the UVU dance team, we went to Daytona Beach, Florida in April to compete for the NDA Nationals, where we placed fourth in our division 1 category. Not only did we dance on a stage, that was legit, on the beach, but because it was so hot and humid outside, the floor of the stage was literally melting into the ground... not good news. It was such a fun trip, regardless of the melting pot of stage, we stayed out till two in the morning playing pranks on  drunk people walking down the pier, being tortured with the adams family game, and getting a good laugh at my black lady impressions. I thought this trip was going to be nothing short of the bad, hot burning place down there, but it turned out to be one of the best vacations Ive been on! Now that the new UVU season has come to be, we have a team of 18 girls, mostly all rookies and I was elected in as president this year. I can't wait to start up this year and get to not only make a fool of myself with these girls, but also make memories that will be with me forever. Valley girls comin atcha. Miss Pleasant Grove was in March, and that was so much fun! I got to compete with some of my best friends from high school, and learn about politics and really learn what I have a passion for in this life. I received third attendant and couldn't have been more grateful! We have had to do a load of parades this summer, but our float is bomb, we win every time and we have the best time playing "your team". There's always beautiful people to see there. As for the present day, I love life. It is beautiful how everything happens for a reason, and things are starting to take their place in life, just like ive always been told it would. I recently received my patriarchal blessing this past weekend and what an incredible thing that is to have in my life. Ive never felt so much joy and overwhelming feelings as I did then, and now I couldn't be happier, my life has meaning and there is hope for me in the future! (cheers all around for that). Every couple of weeks I get a special letter in the mail, that is one of god's smallest and simplest miracles, and it gives me that little push to keep on going. I think ive found love in this...? I guess only time will tell! As for now, life is beautiful and kind. It's incredible how much you grow up after a year of college already and are continuing each and everyday. Here's to another year of life, and enjoying its blessings!

Pictures to do the explaining:

our "sweepstakes" float.

cant forget trips to disneyland!

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